The Cirque Exalte Company

The Cirque Exalté Company was created in 2009 by Sara Desprez and Angelos Matsakis, both trained at the Superior school of circus arts in Brussels (ESAC). Since 2010, they are working with Albin Warette for the direction of “Complètement Swing !”and “Furieuse Tendresse” but also with Emile Sabord Production for the diffusion. The Company has been touring with “Completely Swing!” throughout France and internationally since 2010, and with “Furieuse tendresse” since 2014.

“The name [of the crew] sprang forth very quickly as the clear choice. We’d like to proclaim to the world the circus’ expertise, its form of exchange, and its sense of generosity through the use of numerous different techni-ques. In the word “exaltation” we conjure up, all at the same time, our energies, our impulsiveness, our passions and our poetry. Our Circus is meant to be lively, anchored in the present, full of risk-taking and enthus-iasm, with just a slight, sweet hint of madness. It is successively choreo-graphed, performed and championed.”

“Art like poetry doesn’t gain anything by being elitist. It’s a direct emanation of people’s strength; it’s art from the street, art from the road, art from dust, a great big clatter of wars over birth and barbaric celebrations…” Patti SMITH, Dream of life
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